To make an online payment you will need:

  • ​Your Policy Number.
  • The amount due in your policy.
  • Your Checking Account Number and Routing Number.

​Terms and Conditions: By clicking in the following link you will be redirected to Paysimple secure payment website. Paysimple is service provider that will collect your payment in our behalf. Please note that NY Auto Brokerage is providing you this online payment option for your convenience. For any questions or concerns regarding the use of your information please contact Paysimple directly.​

Before making your payment be aware of the following:

  • ​Payments made after the due date will consider late and additional fees might apply and could be added to your payment.
  • If your Bank dishonors your payment for any reason it will be then consider as not received by our company and additional fees and penalties might apply

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